05. October 2008 · 2 comments · Categories: Music

I’ve got it home now, and boy is it heavy: nearly 2 stone on its own, and nearly 3 stone in the box!

My first tentative steps at playing are being guided by this page: http://www.accordionlinks.com/play.html. It’s quite gratifying to bash out a recognisable version of Merrily We Roll Along and Oh When the Saints, with quite a depth of sound.

You can’t see the bass buttons very well in this picture, but there are 120 of them in 6 rows.



  1. Hello,
    Do you still have that Parrot accordion? Does it play well?

  2. I do still have it. Sometimes I even play it :-) I don’t much to compare to in order to know if it plays ‘well’.

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