This is a much maligned beer, with many beer snobs writing it off almost immediately for being weak (3.6%), in a can and from such a mainstream brewery. That said, this same beer (on draft) was champion beer of Britain (Bitter category) and silver overall in 2004. Some people were so horrified by this that they threw their CAMRA cards out of their prams at the time. Personally I rather like it!

It's the four pack of cans that I reach for most often from the supermarket shelf, precisely because it's weak (I'm a Radio 2 listening 30 year old now) and fairly cheap, whilst not being too bland or too over the top. You don't always want an intensely flavoured, knock your head off brew. It has a decent, malty flavour with a drinkable level of bitterness that's great when you're after a mild but satisfying beverage, and it doesn't too badly for having come in a can.


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