When the wife's away and you have to make dinner from the limited remains in the fridge, you end up with the extraordinary feast that is the omelette baguette. Frankly I'm pretty proud of this creation, because it was absolutely delicious and over the top. Elvis would have approved.


I made a straightforward 2 egg omelette in a small non-stick frying pan, then added grated mature cheddar and thin slices of a good dried sausage before folding over and leaving long enough for the cheese to melt and all the egg to just about cook. Incidentally, I always keep a big dried sausage in the fridge as it's perfect for slicing into lots of things: omelettes, pasta, laid on top of grilled fish, pizza or just to scoff as a Dutch style snack.

The baguette was a part-baked one from Waitrose in this case. These are amazing as they have a shelf life of about a month (I don't want to know what they put in them to achieve this – I like to think it's just the airtight sterile packaging) and can be whacked in the oven for 10 minutes for fresh hot bread. Having let it cool a little I sliced it open and put my gooey omelette inside, cut into three pieces so it fit the long, narrow sandwich. I then added slices of tomato and a bit of pepper. Beautiful, but admittedly a bit of a coronary on a plate.

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