This is a tight crop of the front of the 'cable car' that runs up the hill in Wellington, New Zealand. It was absolutely bucketing it down, and windy too, so we never got to walk back down through the botanical gardens as we planned.

If you ever go to Wellington and look for the cable car, be aware that it's not a cable car in the sense that you might think. I think 'cable car', I think gondola's hanging from an overhead cable strung over pylons. Reality: funicular railway in tunnel. We spent ages walking the streets trying to find it, looking up in the air on the assumption that we could hardly miss it. The street map in the Rough Guide was wrong too, which didn't help.


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  1. Cable cars are a part of history. I never knew these originated in the United States. I always thought they’re from Europe. Anyway, I’ve never ridden one, and I’m hoping to someday.

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