This is quite a special lager – brewed with champagne yeast it has a very fine, light bubble and it does indeed taste like a beery champagne. Imagine a very fine champagne with the sweetness replaced with dry pils bitterness. Certainly the lingering feel in the mouth is more champagne than beer.

There are very few beers brewed in this style, so this one from Alsace is quite unique and worth tracking down. I was spurred to pick some up because Waitrose had 25% of the bottles – and it was on taste :-) It's really very good indeed – super refreshing and drinkable (but remember it's a deceptive 5.2% ABV) but a bit unusual.

In this case I was drinking it from a K├Âlsch glass, which isn't entirely right, but seemed to suit it's delicacy. I suppose it could/should be drunk from a champagne flute!


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  1. This is a fine beer, and your glass is just fine! If you check out the link above, you can see a picture of the Kasteel Cru in its own classy glass! Really, a very good beer. Go try it!

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