I'm back! And this time I'm wearing an "I've been to Cornwall" t-shirt – metaphorically speaking of course.

We just stayed for 5 days in Port Isaac on the North coast of Cornwall, between Padstow (amusingly named Padstein by some) and Tintagel. Our home for those few days of blissful weather was The Birdcage – a National Trust holiday cottage right in the heart of Port Isaac, literally stumbling distance from the pub. You might recognise Port Isaac from the ITV comedy/drama Doc Marting, starring Martin Clunes, though I understand it's been used for lots of other things too, because it's such a charming little spot.

PortIssacWide 6265
You can just about see The Birdcage about half-way up above the red van in the image above, but there's a closer shot below. It's a pentagonal building with just a single room on each floor, bar the bathroom tacked onto the ground floor as an extension. Straight in off the street (though you'd struggle to drive up a three foot wide 30 degree path) you're into the kitchen – compact but bijou. Then up a very steep, very narrow staircase to the lounge and then an even narrower staircase (about 15 inches across) to the bedroom. It was absolutely delightful, but the only way you can truly understand is to stay there yourself. I can recommend it.
PortIssacBirdcage 6263

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