It's easy to just pull out the big non-stick half-wok half-frying pan thing for most meals that involve frying anything (especially if you're going to add liquid later as its high sides mean a good overall capacity), but it's not always best. A good stainless steel thick-bottomed frying pan has some important qualities that you're missing out on. In particular you'll be missing out on building a layer of tasty brown fried-on stuff as you do your onions and meat, which you can then de-glaze into the sauce as you add liquid. In a non-stick pan that just doesn't really happen.

We got a great deal on a set of Prestige stainless steel cookware a couple of years back and it's been a real eye opener. My biggest worry was that it would be a complete pain to wash up, but this really isn't the case at all. Generally things don't stick much anyway, and a short soak soon sorts out even the worst offence. And they look dead professional :-)

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