It was a bit of a miserable grey day today, punctuated with rain. So an imperfect opportunity for a stroll to Verulam Park in St Albans, but we went anyway. There were herons with chicks to be seen on the island in the middle of the lake, a grebe, swallows swooping around and the usual less exotic bird life. Here are a couple of highlights. You can see two ugly Heron chicks in the nest below.

HeronChicksVerulam 6410
GrebeVerulam 6408
HeronFlightVerulam 6409


  1. Hello :)
    Oh wow! What lovely pictures.
    I live about 40 mins from St Albans so must take the time to come and see the herons!

  2. If you come to St. Albans it’s also worth climbing the hill and looking around the inside of the Abbey, which is a large and fascinating building.

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