I sync my calendars across two Macs (desktop and laptop) using the horrifically named MobileMe. It mostly works fine (apart from the fact it often fails to sync some entries – a minor thing) but there is one irritation that's really starting to bug me.

Picture 1 
I get up in the morning and I wake up my desktop to read email and news over my Coco Pops, whereupon I often get some iCal reminders for the day – which I usually snooze to re-remind me later. Then at some later point I pick up my laptop and immediately after opening it up I get the same reminders (fair enough) and snooze them too. A minute later, after my laptop has synced I get a popup informing me of the clash of snoozed times, which I have to resolve and re-sync. I play this game all day, with sync conflicts ping-ponging between the two machines. It's completely ridiculous.
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What would I prefer? Well I can understand the impeccable logic it's applying – it's just unfortunate the timing of events that leads to this result. How about the system always assuming that the last 'command' I gave is definitive and should automatically be applied without asking me on the other machines? Maybe I should email Steve, er Phil, and suggest it.

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