This is a decidedly exotic beer. In fact you may struggle to identify it as beer at all if presented a glass of it. To look at, it's a deep, ever so slightly cloudy colour that can only really be described as 'raspberry'. Which isn't surprising because that's what's in it – 30% of it in fact.

It tastes like finely sparkling raspberry juice with a slightly tart/sour beery edge. Those non-fruit flavours are the Belgian Lambic beer – fermented with yeasts that simply drift in on the air and give Lambics their characteristic sourness – just like sourdough bread in principle. Some Lambics can be face-puckeringly sour, but this has so much sweet fruit that it's tempered to just a cheeky edge that's enough to make it interesting. At only 2.5% alcohol by volume and with so much fruit, it's got to be almost good for you! Ones probably enough at one sitting though, before moving onto something a bit more normal.

LindemansFramboise 7214

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