If you go to Pizza Express, this is what you must order to drink! They may only serve two different beers (the other being bog standard Peroni) but it’s worth it just for this one. At 6.6% and packed with malty flavour (Birra Doppio Malto as it says on the label) it’s a real standout bottled lager. I was seriously happy to see it in the supermarket, and it tastes just as good at home, especially at a third the price the restaurant charges. Repeat – this is not an ordinary lager – just look at the colour in the glass. It is to be savoured.

PeroniGranRiserva 6861


  1. Daffyd K Jones

    Just bought this from the supermarket, pricey but well worth it. Can’t believe it was 6.6%, didn’t taste strong at all, very subtle flavours.

  2. just bought this beer, after having one too many so it’s a bit difficult to try and grasp the real tasting notes. It, however, has a pungent touch when it comes to taste and smell, quite malty but maybe because all I had were Asahi & Quilmes which were light and smooth. At 6.6% I wouldn’t have more than two. I think it’s a real man’s beer with it’s clean and straight forward taste. Next: White beer from Belgium!

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