I can't believe I haven't reviewed this before now as it's a classic and a firm favourite of mine. At 5% ABV and with just enough honey to notice but not overpower, this is a well balanced brew. This is true in every sense with not too much bitterness either – just enough to counter the  sweetness. It doesn't taste as alcoholic as it is and I reckon it's a perfect if-you're-going-to-have-just-one-beer-in-an-evening beverage. I prefer it reasonably chilled – more so than less sweet ales – which probably makes me a philistine, but so be it. It's quite similar in style to some of the more floral, sweet and spicy Badger beers, of which I am also a huge fan.



  1. Fullers seem to be treating this as a lager, and actually advise that it is served cover ice with a wedge of lime! What the F***???

  2. Yes, I’ve noticed Fullers serving it via nasty lager-style taps, ice cold. On the plus side, maybe it can be a gateway beer to lure those who’d only ever usually touch lager?

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