When I left a job recently, my Belgian colleagues presented me with a basket filled with a vast and varied array of beers. My arms having recovered from carrying it home, it's now time to sample these fine wares.

First up Affligem Blonde, at 6.8% a relative lightweight in the Belgian canon, but I was impressed by the overall result. A bit like Leffe, but more subtle and probably less cloying if you were to drain a few. It's really smooth and well-balanced, just edging only slightly into the treacly tendencies of classic Belgian brews, but definitely going beyond "straightforward lager". I really liked it – it's a great beer to start an evening of lowland delicacies or for general consumption if you're not feeling like the heavy stuff.

Expect more over the coming weeks, and expect them to be mostly in entirely the wong glasses, as above.

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