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You receive your sparkly newiPhone, plug it into your Mac, everything works – and calendars are synced. A few days later you realise that all is not well as calendar updates only make the jump when you physically connect phone to the Mac and sync, but MobileMe’s supposed to sync over the air with push updates and all that jazz. Turns out you need to do the following, which isn’t entirely intuitive:

  • Perform a full physical sync to ensure all data on phone is on your Mac and therefore in the MobileMe system.
  • On the iPhone go to Settings > Mail, Contacts and Calendars
  • Select your me.com/mac.com Mail account
  • Turn on the switches for syncing contacts, calendar and bookmarks as you wish.
  • This will ask what you want to do with the data already on the phone. Select “Do not merge” and then when prompted agree that it can indeed delete the existing data from your phone.
  • Et voila, all your data is still there and changes you make on Mac or iPhone swiftly wing their way across the void to the others.
I’ve had my iPhone for a few days now, though Orange haven’t got their colourful arses in gear to supply me with the PAK code required to get my old number working yet. Looks like they’re sticking to the “allow seven working days” mantra, whilst also sticking two fingers up to me. There must be a line in their systems software that says “wait 5 days” before then actually sending out the letter I need. But I digress.

The Calendar app on iPhone has a major flaw. If you’re part way through entering a new event to the calendar and a call comes in, it simply discards all the data you’d entered. When you next open Calendar it implacably stares back at you with your events neatly listed, but no memory of what you were busy entering before you were interrupted. The same is true when you press the home button, perhaps to flick to Mail in order to get a piece of information that you wanted to add into your calendar entry. Actually this is how I discovered the problem, since I don’t get many calls. This is a disaster and violates a prime iPhone app programming law: reinstate things how the user left them.
I got an iPhone 3G S this morning – I couldn't hold out any longer, though I fear I'll be a martyr to its bulk in my pocket and its thirst for juice. I was very pleasantly surprised to pull the power adapter from the box and find it's actually smaller than most UK plugs! It is literally just a fairly small plug with a USB port on the bottom. Here it is on the right, alongside a picture of the comparatively vast two piece 3G version that my wife has.

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If you can't beat 'em...

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