Episode three in my curry cooking adventure – this time with vegetables! See parts 1 and 2 for the exciting initial chapters. I've finally used up all the garlic and ginger paste I made for the first one.

GreenChillies 5467  Curry3Pans1 5468

I'm getting used to some of the standard manoeuvres in Indian curries: marinating meat in lime juice and salt; frying spices (but not burning them); finely chopped onion; garam masala and fresh herbs going in only at the end etc. This time I also did cumin-scented aubergine & potato curry, at the same time! It was quite a logistical challenge, flipping between two recipes in the same book, both of which were complex and unfamiliar whilst trying not to mix up the two of them. But it was a huge success I reckon. No problems to report, and a super-tasty result.

Curry3Pans2 5469

It was quite hot though – with three large fresh green chillies chopped and incorporate to both dishes. Not to mention the hot chilli powder and other spices. The missus found it all a bit too much actually, but I was in curry heaven. And then I went back into the kitchen and discovered the small pile of fresh chopped coriander leaves that I had intended to use as a garnish. Oh well.

Coriander 5470

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