I recently had the privilege of interviewing TV presenter Chris Packham for my other site: He was a very straightforward and knowledgeable chap who's clearly passionate about what he does. It was interesting to get an insight into his own garden full of birds, his photography kit and activities, and the deeper topics of the cut and thrust of modern conservation.

It's in three instalments: one, two, three. Personally I think the third is the best!

Summer's just beginning, so naturally Springwatch has just started on the BBC. At least that appears to be their logic. Very strange.

Update: Aha, Kate Humble admitted it today when she said "glorious summer evening". It's a scam!
For my sins I've been watching Britain's Got Talent on the tele, and I thought Susan Boyle was rubbish. Apparently I was in the minority. Her first few notes of Memory missed utterly and she was a bit reedy through most of the tricky bits. Am I the only person that finds her just plain annoying when she's not singing? Her fist-pumping, full-of-herself celebrations are very un-British and I suspect that the fickle public will turn. That said, I suppose rather sadly that it will be the newspapers that decide whether we should like or loath her, whether her start should soar or tumble. They've decided she's an angel and are unlikely to go back on their reckoning.

Update – 28th May 2009: Apparently it has begun, right on cue: