No, apparently not.

What do you call a Spanish shark with pointy ears?

El Fin.

[It came to me in a flash of inspiration on the train home. Tim Vine – call me when you're ready.]
My train rolled into St Albans station from the siding as per usual, though excruciatingly slowly, and I got on. Then the lights went off and all those whirring noises you didn't realise were there fell silent. Oh dear I thought. Then the lights came back on and the driver announced "I was having some power problems but I've switched the train off and on again and it seems to have cured it." Nice.

I've just spent a pleasant long weekend in Vienna, Austria. A scenic detour through Belgium was required, to get us back to Blighty, EasyJet having forsaken us, but we did manage to get back whilst there's still some snow on the ground. I'm still going through the photographs (which are generally disappointing frankly) but I thought I'd stick this one up as a comedy teaser.

This shop's much bigger than it looks you know…