I feverishly installed the latest Springsource Tool Suite release today – 2.5 RC1. Unfortunately it fairly swiftly started giving me the error shown below as I worked on my Grails project. It was popping up really frequently and would be a show-stopper if I couldn't fix it.

Screen shot 2010-10-15 at 20.50.43

It became apparent that it does this every time I saved a Groovy file that required my running Grails app to reload. It seems that STS didn't like the files in the 'target' folder changing as it recompiled, especially since I have  auto-refresh turned on in STS. I worked around this by setting up a rule for my project to exclude the target folder.

Right-click on the project, selected "Properties…" then Resource > Resource Filters. Add a filter to exclude the folder "target".


  1. I am still seeing this despite trying your fix with the released version of 2.50. Any other ideas?

  2. Actually I’m still seeing it too, but in fewer circumstances. I imagine there are some other things that need to be excluded, but I haven’t figured out what and nothing’s leaping out at me. Let me know if you figure it out!

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