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I've noticed that in iPhone's Calendar, you can't change the calendar (Home,Work, etc.) of an entry once it's been created – only at the point that it is being created. This is immensely frustrating as quite often I fail to spot which calendar an entry is being created in until after I've hit Done and I see it showing up in green or blue in my calendar. I split about 50/50 between Home and Work entries and so very often each new entry is of a different type to the last (though I fail to notice it) leaving the default calendar assignation incorrect. Grrrr.

Update: I realised that a big reason for failing to spot which calendar is being used at point of entry is that it doesn't use the calendar colour in the creation UI – only the name. If it backed the name with a big splash of colour (green for home, blue for work) I for one would be far less likely to mess up.


  1. just got iPhone

    If you sync your calendar with your iCal, you can update the calender in iCal.

  2. I agree completely! It’s a pain not to be able to change the Calendar when you can change everything else in Edit mode. Sure, you can do it in iCal, but the POINT is you should be able to do it on your iPhone as well.
    I’m running into this as well, because I just brought over a bunch of entries from Entourage, and of course they’re all assigned to a third default “Entourage” calendar. It would be great if I could chip away at this during the day when I get a few moments, converting “Entourage” entries into either “Home” or “Work”. Alas, no such luck.

  3. Bah! It’s 2010 and this is still a problem. Well, maybe in iPhone OS 4.0 tomorrow.

  4. Any word if this is going to be fixed in 4.0?

  5. Don’t know – I haven’t downloaded the new developer SDK yet, and if I did then I wouldn’t strictly be allowed to tell you probably 🙂

  6. It’s possible with iOS4 ! (just checked)

  7. In that case I look forward to iOS 4 on my phone. I hope it also improves all the other niggles I have with Calendar, like not showing birthdays – which has caused me to miss a couple recently.

  8. So glad to hear this will be fixed. I also find so frustrating not to be able to edit which calendar something got entered to.

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