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We've been in the new house for just a week and have done a lot in that time. Here's a quick list of most of the DIY jobs we've done – with a bit of help from the parents and in-laws. Thanks very much to them!

Cleaning – lots thereof.
Fill crack in front door panel, that you could see outside through.
Trim holly and other bushy plant that was half blocking drive.
Remove dead and scrappy bits of Goldenrod and tie back with string (later replaced with green wire).
Brush whole deck with stiff brush to clean it up.
Remove posts and chains from most of deck edge.
Fit new lock to front door (got existing one refurbished and innards replaced).
Fit retaining bar to front door.
Fit coat hook rail to wall in hall.
Put up pan hanger rail in kitchen.
Replace hooks on back of bedroom door for nicer ones.
Figure out why living room door knob isn't working the latch – needs a grub screw.
Put up new curtain rod in master bedroom, reusing existing holes (needed some adaptation).
Fit new keyhole escutcheon with cover (on inside of front door, to get the benefit, without the annoyance).
Put together flat pack metal shelving from Homebase. 56 nuts and bolts! Won't buy that again.
Improve sink in bathroom, raising it on bits of card and screwing it better to the wall, for a flusher fit. Still needs grout and seal.
Adjust patio door hanging to help it close properly.
Adjust cabin door hanging to help it close properly.
Sweep patio around cabin, including leaves and crud at back, that could have caused damp.
Fix shower so it doesn't leak: remove old sealant, chip away years of limescale, clean, regrout and reseal. (Still working on this actually, but it's the biggest job of any of them time-wise.)
Clean UPVC outdoor bits of patio doors using special cleaner.
Fit extra shelf under kitchen sink by cutting out section of original extra shelf to fit round drain pipes etc.
Fit cleat to tree stump and run washing line to apple tree (where held with wide strap round tree).
Fit bird feeder hanger to tree stump.
Saw off and file down ends from over-long bolts protruding from chimney back plate in kitchen.
Fit lock to side window.
Put up IKEA mirror in bathroom, with cunning springy top-clasps.
Assemble IKEA shelves for computery stuff.

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