It only seems like days ago that I put it up, but now the fake Xmas tree must come down again. I always dread this bit as it wrecks my hands trying to get all the fronds folded together into a streamlined torpedo of bristly green foliage. This year I fought back with heavy duty gloves!

Unfortunately I don't have any gardening gloves, what with not having a garden, so instead I made do with magic potato scrubbing gloves. I can't say I've ever used these for their intended purpose but the idea is that you wear them whilst viciously manhandling potatoes under running water and the dirt and skin just falls off. They're just as rough on the inside so it's touch and go whether it's the potato's skin or your own that sloughs off. Still, they made a fine job of the Xmas tree, whilst exfoliating my hands beautifully.


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