I've just completed the computer game World of Goo, having been thoroughly absorbed by it for the last week or so. I seldom play computer games, but this one hooked me good and proper. I think it's the engineer in me that always love this sort of game, as it's based on a decent 2D physics model that involves building towers, bridges and lots more out of various pieces, most of them gooey and continually swaying.

The game is also an artistic tour de force: wacky, surrealistic, humorous and stylish. I'd really struggle to pick out a weak point in fact, which is probably why it's won so many awards this past year (on Mac, PC and Wii). Best of all is the demo version contains the whole of the first chapter (out of five) and the whole game only cost me £13 to download.

Download the demo and have a go today!

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