Right from the start I’ll point out that God Lager is Swedish for good lager, though the rear label makes plenty of hints that this is in fact a divine beverage. I bought it from Waitrose purely because it looked a little unorthodox on the shelf and seemed to promise something that it could surely never live up to.

And frankly it didn’t. This is a fairly straightforward lager in pretty much every sense, though it has a very fine bubble (in fact it almost seemed flat) that gives it a somewhat classy feel, but only just. Maybe it only achieves perfection in being the perfect example of average, unassuming lager? Even if it is, I need something with a bit more flavour to get excited about. Still – credit to the Nils Oscar Company’s marketing department for a good gimmick.



  1. have you tried it again? I think it’s a grower. I was the same, thought it was a perfect example of what an average beer should be (even though you’d be hard pressed to find one in your local) but after a few more bottles I think Its actually a very fine brew…

  2. Haven’t tried it again yet and I wasn’t planning to – but you may have swayed me, especially if I see it on special offer.

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